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Sometimes the remix is better than the original, and in this case, the original was something special. With advances in cover technology, there is no doubt that the new Ebonite The One Remix is the best one yet. The One Remix does utilize the original Centrex Symmetric core design, which yields a very aggressive RG, differential, and mass bias combination. The remix is what we have done with the GB coverstock to make it perform on today’s oil. GB14.4 provides more reaction from the mid-lane to the breakpoint than previous GB covers. The Centrex core, new GB formulation, and polished cover will be an excellent match for medium to heavy oil patterns.  


Part Number60-106817-93X
ColorTeal / Purple / Violet
CoreCentrex Symmetrical Mass Bias
CoverstockGB14.4 Solid
Cover TypeSolid Reactive
Finish500, 1000, 2000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound
Weights16-12 Pounds
Lane ConditionMedium to heavy oil
ReactionLength with strong backend
WarrantyTwo years from purchase date 


16 lb2.4740.0490.021
15 lb2.4660.0560.027
14 lb2.4930.0530.025
13 lb2.5970.0410.014
12 lb2.5930.0410.014

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